Ovulation Induction – Intra Uterine Insemination 

Ovulation induction is done with oral drugs with or without injections (hormones) depending upon the woman’s ovulation status.

IUI is planned after ovulation induction with HCG injection. Husband’s sperm count should be at least 10 millions, preferably above 20 millions. The success opportunities are 18 – 25 %. Minimum investigations required before IUI being – Tube test for wife and semen analysis for the husband along with the basal blood investigations.

Donor insemination is done using cryo preserved sperms, as per ICMR guidelines after thorough blood analysis on three occasions for the donor with adequate quarantine period of 6 – 9 months. Couples can choose the phenotypical features stored in computers about Donors.

Sperm counts – 100% motile are available after specific sperm preparation methods for AID – Artificial Insemination Donor.