When to see a Infertility specialist?

It is important for a couple to think very carefully about the decision to go through an infertility workup. It can be an expensive and time-consuming process that requires a big commitment from both partners. There are no guarantees that the cause of the infertility will be found or that pregnancy will be achieved. Before making the decision, a couple should look at their reasons for wanting a child. A couple may feel pressure – from family, friends, or society in general – to have a child. They may feel that somehow they are not a real family if they remain childless. However, many couples have a satisfying life together without children. Discuss your feelings with your partner.

Think about the alternatives, such as adoption or not expanding your family. Sometimes professional counseling can help to sort out these feelings. Couples who have been infertile may also hear advice from friends or family that they should just “relax” and they will be able to conceive a child. Although stress has been shown to contribute to infertility in some cases, emotional problems are usually not the major cause. Most infertility problems have real physical causes that can be treated. Once the couple has made the decision to try to have a baby, they should talk with their infertility specialist about any questions or concerns they may have. The doctor can explain in greater detail what may be involved in the workup. After the workup, he or she can also explain the chances for successful treatment.