Fitness For Fertility

Obesity definitely affects fertility in both women and men.

Fortunately these effects can be reversed with relatively modest weight loss through a combination of diet and exercise. We have safe equipments to lose weight rapidly and we encourage yoga therapy and meditation also.

Obesity often affects fertility in women due to a lack of ovulation and other more subtle metabolic effects. The success of assisted reproductive techniques is also reduced in overweight women by as much as 25% in obese patients and 50% in very obese patients; Women affected by obesity are also at greater risk of pregnancy complications including pregnancy loss (miscarriage). The rate of recurrent miscarriage increases 4-fold in obese women.

A reduction in certain hormone levels reduces sperm production, so that obese men may have sperm counts up to 50% lower than men of normal weight. This can reduce natural conception rates by up to 50% in couples where the male partner is obese.

Obese men may also have deformities in the DNA of their sperms and are twice more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men of normal weight.