Egg Collection

Women undergoing ultrasound-directed egg recovery may notice a small amount of blood in their urine or from their vagina for a day afterwards. This is quite common and should not cause concern. Laparoscopy carries the usual minor risks and side-effects of any procedure involving a general anaesthetic. Some women experience soreness in the stomach, chest or shoulders, or vaginal bleeding for a few days after the operation.

Eggs are collected either by:
Using a needle guided by ultrasound: This may be done under a general anaesthesia or more usually a sedative (‘conscious sedation’). A fine long and hollow needle is passed through the vagina and each egg is removed in turn by aspirating the follicular fluid. The mature eggs are separated from the fluid under stereo zoom microscope by another embryologist simultaneously. If the ovaries are abnormally situated it may sometimes be necessary to pass a needle under ultrasound guidance through the abdominal wall.

Will any part of the procedure be painful?
The operation to remove eggs through ultrasound guidance, under IV sedation will not be painful during the procedure. Some abdominal discomfort may be experienced for a short time after the operation is over.