What are the chances of getting pregnant with IVF?

The chances of pregnancy depend on, upto which day we grow the embryos. If the embryo is grown up to day 2, the chance of success rate is around 30 -35 %. If the embryo is grown up to 3 days, the chance of success is around 40 -42 %. If the embryo is grown up to Day 5 – which is called a Blastocyst, it carries the best chance of success rate up to 70-75 %.

 How long does it take to get pregnant with IVF?

IVF procedure starts with downregulation and Ovarian stimulation i.e. giving hormonal injections for the women to produce more eggs. This procedure of Ovarian stimulation takes around 9-10 days. After which, the eggs are retrieved, the sperm are injected the same day and the embryo is grown up to either day 3 or day 5. The embryos are then transferred into the uterus, 2 weeks later pregnancy test is done to confirm pregnancy.

How much does one round of IVF cost?

Each cycle of IVF costs around Rs.1,00,000/ – 1,50,000/.

What is the difference between IVF and Test tube baby?

IVF and Test tube baby mean the same. IVF is the medical terminology used for the layman term of test tube baby.

Why are IVF babies called test tube babies?

IVF is a procedure where couples who are not able to conceive naturally, are able to get their own biological kid. The eggs are retrieved from the ovaries of the women under scan guidance, sperms are injected into the eggs and an embryo is formed. Now the embryo is transferred into the uterus and the woman gets pregnant with her own biological kid. Because most of the work happens in the Laboratory, it was called a Test Tube baby.

Is IUI or IVF more successful?

No, IVF is more successful than IUI.

 How long does the sperm take to reach the egg after IUI?

Sperms take an average span of 10 -25 minutes to reach the egg, provided the sperms are of good quality and good motility. If the sperm doesn’t find an egg in the tube, it can survive up to 7 days in the female genital tract.

Is bed rest required after IUI?

Bed rest of 10 – 15 mins after IUI is found to be beneficial to increase the chance of pregnancy.

 How long does the IUI procedure take?

The actual procedure of IUI takes only 5- 7 mins and it is an OP procedure. But it takes almost an hour to prepare the semen sample of the husband before IUI.

 What are the earliest signs of conception?

The best method to confirm pregnancy at the earliest after IUI is to do a blood test of beta HCG, 2 weeks after IUI.

 Is INVO CELL a reasonable alternative to MINI IVF?

Yes INVO CELL is an economical alternative to Mini IVF. This typically suits young couples. It reduces the expenditure by almost 40 % for the couples.

How is ICSI different from IVF?

ICSI is a procedure commonly used for Male infertility with sperm abnormalities. In ICSI , a single sperm is injected into an egg by an embryologist, whereas in IVF , the eggs and sperms are cultured together where the sperm penetrates the egg naturally. ICSI carries better success rate than IVF.

 Do IVF babies have more risk of birth defects?

IVF by itself does not increase the risk of Birth defects. Couples undergoing IVF have the same risk as couples conceiving naturally.

What are the risks of IVF?

The risks associated with IVF are Multiple pregnancy, Preterm birth and ovarian Hyperstimulation. There is little evidence to show an increased risk of Ovarian Cancer, if low-quality Hormone injections are used for a prolonged period i.e. repeated ovarian stimulation for more than 6 cycles.

What is Blastocyst culture?

If an embryo is grown up to 120 hours i.e. Day 5, it is called a Blastocyst. Blastocyst is the most advanced method of embryo culture which provides the maximum chance of success to a couple.

Can a single blastocyst split to form twins?

Yes, there is a chance of a single Blastocyst to split to form an Identical twin.

Is embryo transfer painful?

Embryo transfer is relatively a painless procedure. Few women experience a cramping sort of pain and some sort of discomfort due to speculum insertion into the vagina but the actual procedure is so gentle and painless.

What is Laser Assisted Hatching?

This is a method that helps the embryo to hatch out from its Outer sheath. This method allows the embryo to implant easily into the uterine lining. This method is very beneficial to women of advanced age whose eggs will have a thick outer sheath, PCOS women, Frozen embryos and women with recurrent IVF failures.

What is Embryo Glue?

Embryo glue is a culture medium with a substance called Hyaluronan. This substance helps in better mixing of embryo with uterine secretions and enhance the implantation of the embryos. Though it can be used for all, it is particularly useful for women who have gone through multiple IVF failures.

Is hysteroscopy mandatory before IVF?

No, Hysteroscopy before IVF is not needed for all couples. It is needed only for couples with scan abnormalities in Uterus and for couples with recurrent IVF failure.

 Is bed rest a must after the Embryo transfer?

Prolonged bed rest after Embryo transfer is not needed. 20 – 30 mins of bed rest after embryo transfer is more than sufficient.