Embryo Glue 

Hyaluronan ( Embryo Glue) is an an-ionic , nonsulfated Glycoaminoglycans , widely distributed throughout the connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It plays important role in sperm functions, cumulus complex, positive effects in pre implantation embryo development and it has protective effects during cryopreservation . It is the major component in follicular, oviductal, and uterine fluids.( Lee and Ax , 1984; Suchanek et al,1994;Rod ridguez-Martinez et al, 1998)

How does Hyaluronan- Embryo Glue helps implantation?

  • Improve cell- cell and cell-Matrix adhesions ( Turley and Moore, 1984)
  • Degeneration products of Hyaluronan improve implantation (West et al)
  • Rapid physical diffusion with uterine secretions
  • Receptor mediated biological functions ( Campbell et al 1995)

We use Embryo Glue ( Hyaluronan) since 2003 for all Blastocyst-embryo transfers and we summarize the benefits as below:

  • Embryo glue plays vital role in human Reproduction.
  • Embryo glue positively affects embryo development and protects against stress from cryoprotectant.
  • A meta analysis of 2500 – Single Blastocyst transfers in our centre shows, that EG increases implantation rates significantly.
  • There is a substantial scientific evidence that EG plays an important role in the success rates of Assisted Reproduction.