Embryo Transfer

The Triad Of Success In Blastocyst Culture

Embryo transfer is a deed of compliance which needs expertise, patience, knowledge and passion towards the accomplishment. It is not just a surgery or clinical procedure which is done with normal visual impaction; but it should be done very carefully, taking the unseen ( microscopically seen ) embryo in a very slim pliable Teflon catheter, which is already loaded inside the laboratory by the embryologist, focusing all our concentration on the work. The triad of success in this Blastocyst culture is – Proper Ovulation induction Protocol – Stupendous extended embryo culture system – and Gentle embryo Transfer done by an expert in this field.


Embryo transfer could be done with or without ultrasound guidance, depending upon the experience of the clinician who does it. There are few cases with an irregular, kinked or altered cervical canal in which ultrasound guidance becomes mandatory. The catheters used are also very soft and pliable to avoid injuring the inner lining of the uterus, called endometrium. With perfect culture system, we can derive the best possible Blastocyst after 120 hours ( 5 Days), which should be genuinely used as described above during Embryo transfer for arriving at the goal of successful, viable pregnancy achieving a live healthy “take-home baby”. A recent clinical study in Finland talks about better weight babies with BLASTOCYST CULTURE.


Embryo transfer done on day 3 as well as on day 5 with blastocyst, for augmenting success opportunities in cases where the number of day 3 embryos are less than 4.


Choosing the best embryo (one embryo) for transfer by grading them morphologically, using microscopic features either on day 3 or on day 5, aid in better success with minimal chances of multiple gestations.

In GFRC for adopting the single embryo transfer – SET, we enable the culture system to go until day 5 – Blastocyst culture technique, choosing the best ones at the end of 120 hours.

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