An Alternative To In Vitro Fertilization

For many people, the problems of infertility treatment stems from the fact that in-vitro fertilization procedures are expensive. The cost of IVF procedures can make infertility treatment intangible. INVO cell fertility treatment offers an alternative to couples who have difficulties in financing expensive IVF treatments and for women who want to avoid the use of heavy fertility drugs.

In conventional IVF, the egg and sperms are fertilized in-vitro, or outside the body, and the resulting embryo incubated in a laboratory. INVO cell allows the cultivation of the embryos inside the vaginal cavity, offering a more natural approach to IVF treatment and a higher success rate than natural cycle IVF.

INVO cell allows conception and embryo development to take place inside the woman’s body, having a baby simpler and less expensive, while promoting the involvement of the woman.

Eggs are combined with sperms in the INVOcell device and placed in the woman’s vaginal cavity where they remain for three days. This step eliminates the need for a complex IVF laboratory and allows the woman’s body to provide the nurturing environment in which conception and early embryo development take place. However, this technique can also be done after the ICSI procedure has been performed.

Also, the participation of the patient in the process of fertilisation and early embryo development is a psychological benefit that creates a high level of acceptance for INVOcell.

Importantly, INVOcell can also be used in remote areas in India, where the electric supply is erratic. It can replace the CO2 incubator which is dependent on constant electric supply and is the heart of a standard IVF unit. Previous worldwide studies (over 800 clinical cases) published in peer-reviewed journals have demonstrated the efficacy of this procedure to be comparable or even better than conventional IVF.

Frequently Asked Questions :

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