The External Factors Influencing the Success Rate of IVF

IVF is one of the most effective reproductive techniques performed for decades. No one can tell you whether the treatment will definitely work or not, but yes, there are several factors that affect the success rate. Depending on these factors, the outcome will represent the total clinical pregnancy rate and the total number of live births. The success rate of IVF has increased drastically in the last few years due to the advancement of technology.

Following are some external factors that affect the IVF success rate:

1. Previous pregnancy record- If previously you have conceived and given birth to a baby (may it be through ART or a normal process), the chances of success are much higher. Going through recurrent pregnancy loss is not a good indicator for IVF treatment. You might be having the same fertility problem when you plan the next IVF cycle.

2. Age is a great factor! It has been found that women between the ages of 20 to 30 have the highest chances of getting pregnant through IVF treatment. Though IVF is a support for women of all age groups the more you grow older, the capability to conceive and give birth reduces.

3. Overweight and obesity- Obese females quite often face menstrual irregularities. Excessive weight does not allow the body to react with fertility medications. Also carrying a baby for a long period of time gets difficult and complex for over-weight women.

4. Smoking and alcohol intake- When you intake tobacco or alcohol it directly affects the ovaries and fertilizing capacity of your body. Therefore the IVF success rate also decreases for female smokers.

5. Various fertility issues- Though IVF is a solution for those women who are going through fertility problems, there are certain fertility problems like uterine abnormalities and ovarian dysfunction that affect the IVF success rate. If both the male and female partner are having fertility issues, the IVF success rate goes much down.






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