Overcome Male Infertility Problem With The Help of ICSI Treatment

ICSI means Intra Cytoplasm Sperm Injection, which is mainly used after some microsurgical sperm. Retrieval methods such as MESA, PESA, and TESE etc., It is used in the cases of lesser sperm counts or retrieving fewer eggs. ICSI Male infertility is preferred when IVF attempts fail.

Micromanipulation is used in ICSI to treat Male Infertility. A single sperm is injected into the cytoplasm for fertilization. This procedure does not consider lower or abnormal sperm. Selecting live sperms is the only work of ICSI. Donor sperm is not needed here. ICSI Male infertility is predominant nowadays.

ICSI Procedure

A female partner is prescribed fertility drugs to produce multiple eggs. Using a vaginal ultrasound, the eggs are removed. The eggs are surrounded by a cluster of cells which are immediately removed. The male partner’s sperms are obtained through masturbation or repeated ejaculations. If extra sperms are available, then that will be preserved for future usage. Sperm harvesting is done if a man does not have sperm at all. When the ducts are blocked or the duct is absent, the sperms are sucked out by making a hole with a fine needle in the epididymis.

Sperms are immobilized by using LASER, and the sperms are aspirated singly through a microinjection needle along with holding the egg in a pipette. After this, the sperms are directly injected into the egg’s cytoplasm. These techniques shall be successfully done only by a skilled specialist with cutting-edge technologies. Whatever may be the mode of extraction of sperms in ICSI, sperm-injected eggs are 90% fertilized.






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